Booking a manual transaction

The REI Hub system allows you to enter transactions in two primary ways. You can add transactions manually, as is covered in this article, or you can book imported transactions if you have linked a bank account or uploaded a bank export.

You may enter manual transactions if you don't choose to link a bank account, or when you need to account for something that is not in your import feed. For example, you will use a manual transaction to enter opening balances, to book your annual expenses from escrow, and for a variety of other reasons. 

To add a manual transaction to your books:

1) Click 'Add Transaction' at the top of the left menu

2) Select the appropriate transaction type

3) Fill out the transaction details

  • Enter in the transaction details - Date, Amount, and select the Property that the transaction should be applied to.  
  • If it is a multi-unit property, a Unit selector will appear.  If the expense applies only to the entire property, but not a specific unit, leave the unit field blank.
  • If it is a Portfolio level transaction (such as an overhead expense), update the Portfolio Scope field.  All transactions not booked to a specific property can be seen on the Net Income by Property report.
  • Select the appropriate accounts (depending on the transaction type, e.g. for an Expense transaction pick the appropriate expense account).  Additional accounts can be created from the Chart of Accounts page.
  • Vendor Tracking is optional.

4) Optionally attach a receipt and save the transaction

  • Linking a receipt to your transaction is a great way to simplify your record keeping and organization!  We'll maintain an electronic copy for you.
  • You can upload an existing file or image from local storage or import it via web address if it is being hosted online elsewhere
  • You can also take a picture of your receipt directly through REI Hub- either through your phone or through your computer webcam!  Your browser may ask for permission to access the camera.

5) Find your transaction on the Revenues, Expenses, or Booked Transactions page

Booked Transactions can be edited or deleted by clicking on the pencil icon next to the Description.  You can filter transactions by their status, the account, and date.

6) Contact us with any questions or for support!  

You can submit a help ticket from the knowledge base, contact us through the product website, or email us at  We will be happy to assist you!

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