The Account Register Report

While reviewing reports in REI Hub, have you ever wondered exactly where a specific number is coming from and what transactions contribute to it? It is now easier than ever to see this information with the account register report!

The account register report shows every sequential transaction that impacts the account balance according to the selected date range and reporting criteria.

The account register report is separate from the bank, credit card, and loan account-specific account registers. Those pages have specific additional options for those high-usage operational accounts, while the general account register view simply displays the relevant transactions and cumulative balance.

You can access the account register in two ways: directly via the account register option on the reports page or indirectly by clicking on a number in one of the other reports.

To access the account register directly:

Navigate to the reports page, and click on 'Account Register' in the Other box:

Next, select the filter by selecting the date range, transaction type, property, and account:

To access the account register from another report:

From the other report, click on the number in blue that you want to get more information about:

This will automatically take you to account register view, with all of the same filters like date range and property that were set in the initial report:

The account register view will adjust automatically based on the set filters. For example, if the date range is set to 'This Year to Date,' the register will only show transactions and balances for the current year. If the date range filter is updated to 'Last Month,' it will only show the transactions from last month and the balance of those transactions.

Please reach out to the REI Hub support team with any questions!

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