The Bank and Credit Card Account Register Page

The account register page for bank and credit card accounts is the central hub for that account. From it, you can edit account details, run reconciliations, and view or export recent transactions and running balances. While there are many ways to access and view transactions in REI Hub, the account register page is the cleanest way to compare information in REI Hub to your bank statement, or to look at one of your operating bank or credit card accounts from that account's perspective. 

The register page is not the same as the import feed - it only shows transactions that are booked into the system. This includes both booked imported transactions and any manually entered transactions (such as manual journals or opening balances).

Some key takeaways about the account register page:
  • The account register page is the easiest way to view your bank or credit card account's recent booked transactions and running balance.
  • From this page, you can edit account details, begin a reconciliation, and access the import feed.
  • All transactions that have been booked to the account are shown - including booked imported transactions and manual transactions. Unbooked or ignored imported transactions can be seen separately on the import feed.
  • Transactions are presented in a simplified, single-entry view for improved readability.

To access the bank or credit card account register page:

1) Navigate to the 'Banking' page

  • Find it under 'Accounts' on the left side menu

2) Click on the 'View account register' link in the account card

3) See the book balance, a cashflow graph, and quicklinks at the top

The book balance is the account balance in REI Hub (not the imported balance reported by your financial institution for linked accounts).  The book balance is the sum of all transactions for the account in REI Hub. If your book balance does not match your imported balance, you may need to set an opening balance for the account or reconcile your statements.

  • The cashflow graph shows the last six months of cash in and cash out for bank accounts, and monthly spending for credit card accounts.
  • From the quicklinks box, you can:
  • Edit account details (name, transaction import start date, property, and more) from the button in the top right

4) Find the filter, recent transactions, and running balances at the bottom

  • Use the filters to narrow down transactions further by transaction type and property. More filter options are available by clicking the button. Setting filter options (besides dates) removes the running balance display since transactions are excluded.
  • Transaction information includes the transaction type and account, transaction description and property, the amount, and running balance.
  • The edit button provides easy access to update transaction information if needed (e.g. quickly update the expense account, or delete and rebook a transaction).

5) Optionally export the register into Excel

6) Contact us with any questions!

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