Adding Documents and Notes

In addition to financial tracking, rental property owners and real estate investors often have a lot of information and key documents that need to be tracked and managed.  Easily create notes and upload documents while linking them to the appropriate property or unit with REI Hub's Documents & Notes feature.

To add Documents & Notes

1) Navigate to the Documents &Notes page, under Organization on the left menu.

You may also access the Documents and Notes page through any individual Property or Unit dashboard.  Please note that when doing so, only Documents and Notes linked to that particular Property or Unit are displayed. 

2) Click the Add Note button

3) Create your note and upload your document or file

  • You can save text-only notes, or include attachments like documents, files, and images.
  • You are able to upload files from local storage or even take a picture with your webcam or phone

4) Access your notes or files anytime from the Documents & Notes page or the Property and Unit dashboards

5) Reach out to us with any questions!

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