About the Demo Portfolio

The Demo Portfolio is a help tool available to REI Hub users.  It has been prefilled with example properties, accounts, and transactions.  If you have ever been curious to see what a Portfolio looks like full of data, this is your chance!  

The Demo Portfolio is a great way for new users to orient themselves in REI Hub.  It can also be very handy for existing users looking to enter a new or complicated transaction for the first time and would like to see an example.
You can view everything in the Demo Portfolio, but cannot edit or save transactions, accounts, or information.  

To view the Demo Portfolio: 

1) Click Get Help in the lower left corner

2) Select Demo Portfolio

To exit the Demo Portfolio and return to your Portfolio:

1) Click the 'Go To My Portfolios' button in the Demo Portfolio banner

Please reach out to us with any questions!

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