Add New Portfolios

REI Hub makes it easy to add portfolios to your account. Each portfolio is accessed and managed separately; they do not share data. Additional Portfolios should be used when separate bookkeeping is desired or when there is different ownership. Investors who maintain multiple legal entities that share bank accounts or those who do not record fund transfers between their entities may wish to consider sub-portfolios instead.

To add a new portfolio to REI Hub:

1) Navigate to the portfolios page.  

Click the profile icon in the upper right corner to reveal the right-side menu, and select Portfolios.

2) Click 'Add a Portfolio'

Clicking 'View' will take you back to your existing portfolio.
After you have added additional portfolios, return to the portfolios page to view and switch between them.

3) Name your new portfolio

Additional portfolios are billed as independent subscriptions.

4) Add properties and accounts to your new portfolio

Your new portfolio is not connected to your existing one(s). Create new properties and accounts, and start keeping the books.  

5) Return to the portfolios page to view and switch between portfolios

You will also start on this page when you sign in to the system in the future.

5) Contact us with any questions!

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