Marking accounts as inactive

The REI Hub system allows users to mark bank, credit card, and loan accounts that are no longer being used as 'inactive.'  After being marked inactive, an account will no longer display on the Banking or Loans page, and will not show up in the relevant transaction screen drop down menus.  This helps maintain your focus on your active accounts and reduce visual clutter.

Marking an account as inactive does not impact that account's financial activity - no transactions are affected.  Similarly, Reports are not affected by marking an account as inactive.
To view Inactive accounts, click the Filter on the Banking and/or Loans page, and select 'show inactive accounts.'

To mark an account as inactive:

1) Navigate to the account in question

Click on Accounts on the left menu.  For bank or credit card accounts, select the Banking page.  For loan accounts, select the Loans page. 

2) Click the edit pencil next to the account

3) Check the box 'mark this account as inactive' and save

4) View inactive accounts via the Filter

Check the box to show inactive accounts, and then click Update Filter

5) Contact us with any questions! 

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