The Operating Cash Flow Reports

Operating Cash Flow is a modified type of Cash Flow report designed to show investors a picture of their day-to-day operations. The Operating Cash Flow report does NOT reflect asset purchases via manual journal or fixed asset purchase. This prevents the occasional property purchase or CapEx transaction from heavily distorting your view of your more standard, day-to-day, and ongoing operational money in and money out.

Select either the 'Cash Flow Statement' or the 'Cash Flows by Property' report to view Cash Flow reports that include manual journals and fixed asset purchases. 

The first section of the Operating Cash Flow report details your Net Operating Income (NOI), broken down by Operating Revenues and Operating Expenses. NOI includes all of your operational costs except for financing-related items, which are reported in the next two sections.

The second section reports on debt service, including principal paydown and interest expenses. The third section reports on escrow contributions. Click here for more information on escrow contributions and expenses

To view your Operating Cash Flow Reports:

1) Navigate to the Reports page

Find the Operating Cash Flow Report options in the Cash Flow box.

2) Choose the report type that matches your needs

Operating Cash Flow allows you to specify the portfolio, sub-portfolio, property, or unit on which you wish to report and provides a single-column report.

Operating Cash Flow By Property is a multi-column report that shows a breakdown per property of either your entire portfolio or a specific sub-portfolio.

Operating Cash Flow By Period is a multi-column report that shows a date-based breakdown of a specific portfolio, sub-portfolio, property, or unit.

3) Select the Date Range and Portfolio Scope

For the Operating Cash Flow By Period, you will also set your desired Reporting Period (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

4) View and/or Export the report

5) Contact us with any questions!

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