About the Rent Roll

The Rent Roll allows you to quickly see how much rent you have collected per Property or Unit in a given month.  While REI Hub is not property management software and not a rent collection service, we understand how important it can be to quickly see who has or hasn't paid at a glance.  The Rent Roll, like all of REI Hub's reports, pulls its data from your Booked Transactions.  If you have not booked any Rent transactions for a given month, a zero will display on the Rent Roll. 

Some key things to know about the Rent Roll in REI Hub:
  • The Rent Roll displays the Rent booked to a Property or Unit in a month.  This does NOT include Revenue Accounts other than Rent (such as Tenant Fees) at this time.
  • The Rent Roll does NOT display the expected amount of revenue.  
  • Multi-unit Properties will automatically display a line for each Unit. 
To view your Rent Roll:

1) Navigate to the Reports page

Click on 'All' under Reports on the left side menu.

2) Click on Rent Roll in the Income box

3) Set the desired Date Range and click Update Filter

Date Range options include This Year, This Month, Last Month, Last Year and Custom.

4) View your Rent Roll

  • Your Rent Roll displays all the Properties in your Portfolio.
  • Multi-unit Properties display both Unit by Unit breakdowns and the Property total.
  • If desired, click Export in the upper right hand corner to export a copy of the report into Excel. 

5) Contact us with any questions!

You can submit a ticket through the Knowledge Base, when you're logged into your account via Contact Us, or just send us an email at support@reihub.net.

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