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Help your network keep better books, earn rewards

If you refer another rental property owner to REI Hub, we will pay you $50 after they become a subscriber.  Referral commissions are uncapped, so the more people you tell about REI Hub, the more money you can make.  
Don't worry about codes or links- we will ask if they were referred when they create their REI Hub account.  If you told someone about us and want to make sure you get credit, just drop us an email letting us know!
Looking for a template?  You can send this: 
  • I use REI Hub to keep the books for my rentals. Their accounting software is designed specifically for investment property owners so it has been easy to set up and use with my portfolio. If you've ever been frustrated by bookkeeping, you can visit to learn more and sign up for a free trial.
To view the Referral Program in the product, or to tell us who referred you, click the 'Help Us' link in the lower left:

Select Referral Program from the options to bring up the template and for the 'I was referred button:'

Click 'I was referred' and enter in the names of who referred you so we can give you both credit! 

Reach out to us with any questions! 

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