Adding a Manual Account

A Manual Account is simply a bank or credit card account in REI Hub that is not electronically linked to the financial institution for automatic transaction import (click here to set up an account that IS linked for transaction import). Adding bank and credit card accounts- Manual or Linked- allows you most accurately track how funds flow through your rental business.  

Using a Manual Account doesn't mean you have to enter in every single transaction manually. You can easily upload transactions from a bank export to skip the manual data entry and take advantage of our time saving automations like transaction matching rules and loan payment templates. 

If you choose not to set up a bank account, you can still book transactions to the default Owner Funds account. This account represents your money not currently tracked with your rental business. You will still be able to easily enter transactions and create a Schedule E or Net Income for your business. But to track account balances and easily differentiate between what is in your checking account vs your savings account, you would need to add accounts from the Banking page.

To add a Manual Account:

1) Navigate to the Banking page and click Add Account

2) Select 'Create a Manual Account' and click next

3) Follow the prompts to enter the account details.

You will choose whether the account is a bank account or a credit card account and give the account a name.

You will also have the option to assign a default property to the account that pre-selects the chosen property when booking transactions. You can edit the property field, but it is generally a good idea to only select a property if the account is used for that property alone. Otherwise, leave it blank, and you simply select the appropriate property for every transaction. 

4) View your new account it on the Banking Page

Click on the name of the account to view the account register page. Click on View All on the right side to access the import feed, where you can access imported or uploaded properties.

5) Optionally upload transactions from a bank export

Click here to learn more!

6) Contact us with any questions!

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