Uploading Transactions from Excel

Uploading transactions from Excel

REI Hub offers three different ways to add transactions.  You can link an account to have transactions imported automatically, you can add transactions manually one by one, or you can upload transactions from Excel in bulk- which this article focuses on. 

You may wish to do a bulk upload of transactions from Excel for a few reasons.  Perhaps we are not able to connect to your bank account for automatic import, or maybe you want older transactions that the automatic import can't get.  Regardless, uploaded transactions will flow into the Import Feed for quick booking with much less manual data entry.

Most bank accounts allow you to export a .csv or Excel file of your past transactions, giving you the data needed for this process. 

To Upload Transactions

1) Navigate to the Imported Feed.  Access it under the Transactions menu item. 

2) Click the Upload button

3) Download the appropriate template

  1. Bank accounts and credit cards report transactions in different formats, so it is important that you correctly match your account type to the right template

4) Add transactions to the downloaded template.
  1. Copy and paste your transactions in from a bank export or another spreadsheet.  Just make sure that every transaction has a date and that the date formatting is consistent.
  1. Save the template with a new name after entering transactions.
5) Choose the appropriate account to assign the uploaded transactions to.  

  1. You must already have a bank account or credit card account created in REI Hub.  If you have not already done so, visit the Banking & Loans page to add the account.  It can be either a Linked Account or a Manual Account- both will work
    1. Adding a Manual Account
    2. Adding a Linked Account
6) Upload your completed template
  1. Your uploaded transactions will appear in the Import Feed page.  From there, you can filter by the account or date range if needed.  
  1. Uploaded Transactions must be booked before they are included in your financial records.  
    1. Booking an Imported Transaction
7) Contact us with any questions or for support!  
  1. You can submit a help ticket from the knowledge base, contact us through the product website, or email us at info@reihub.net.  We will be happy to assist in uploading your transactions! 

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