The Net Operating Income Report

The Net Operating Income Report

Net Operating Income, NOI for short, is income generated by the ongoing operation of your properties. Compared to the Net Income report, NOI removes items related to the financing of the property, like interest paid, and the acquisition or disposition of a property, like depreciation or the gain on a sale. It is useful for comparing the performance of assets financed in different ways or owned for different lengths of time.

To view your Net Operating Income Report:

1) Navigate to the Reports page

  1. Click on 'All' under Reports on the left side menu.
2) Click on Net Operating Income in the Performance column

3) Set the desired Date Range and Property

  1. Select a Property to view the numbers for that specific Property.
  2. Leave the Property field blank to view NOI for your entire Portfolio.
4) View your Net Operating Income Report

5) Contact us with any questions!

You can submit a ticket through the Knowledge Base, when you're logged into your account via Contact Us, or just send us an email at

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