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The Mileage Log

As a rental property investor, you can typically claim mileage deductions for your local travel to manage or maintain your properties.  REI Hub helps you manage and claim this valuable deduction with the Mileage Log.

If you track mileage outside of the REI Hub system but still want to enter it for consolidated end of year reports, you can make a summary entry into REI Hub.  However if you do this, make sure to maintain the trip by trip records from your mileage tracking system in case you are ever required to present them to the IRS.

To use the Mileage Log:

1) Navigate to the Mileage Log page.  Access it under the Organization menu item. 

2) Click the Add Mileage button

3) Fill out the required fields

  1. Date, Miles, Vehicle, and Trip Purpose are all required fields, according to the IRS' requirements for recordkeeping.
  2. You will need to add a Vehicle the first time you enter a trip:

  1. After entering the appropriate data, click Save Mileage.
4) View, Export, Filter, or Edit trips from the Mileage Log page

5) The Schedule E report will reflect your mileage deductions

  1. Mileage deductions will be reflected in the Auto and Travel category of the Schedule E report. 
  2. Since mileage deductions are a specific tax deduction, and not a financial transaction, mileage deductions will NOT be reflected in the Net Income reports.
    6) Contact us with any questions or for support!  
    1. You can submit a help ticket from the knowledge base, contact us through the product website, or email us at info@reihub.net.  

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