REI Hub Support- Getting Started with REI Hub

Getting started with REI Hub

If you've recently begun using REI Hub to manage your rental property or real estate investments, you're in the right spot!

Here, we've brought together support articles for our core functionality, helping you get up and running faster.

Getting started with REI Hub

1) Add one or more Properties
  1. You can add a new property from the Properties page at any time
  2. Follow the Add Property flow and fill out the required fields
2) Add your bank and loan accounts

Adding your bank and loan accounts allows you to track where and how money is flowing through your rental business.  Adding accounts populates the drop down menus while manually adding transactions, and is a prerequisite for uploading transactions from an excel file.

Banking and Loan accounts can be either Linked or Manual- its entirely up to you.
  1. A Linked Account means that you authorize your bank account to provide REI Hub with a secure, read-only transaction feed and account balance.  This means less data entry and more convenience for you!  Recommended primarily for the accounts you exclusively use for your rental business. 
  2. A Manual Account does not connect to your bank in any way.  Transactions are added manually, instead of via a transaction feed.  Manual Accounts are a good choice if you do not use a dedicated business bank account, or if you are not yet ready to link an account electronically.
3) Add your transactions to your books
  1. Either by booking imported transactions or by booking manual transactions
  2. After being booked, view and edit your transactions on the Booked Transaction page. 
4) View totals and prepare for tax time with Reports
  1. View the Net Income by Property for the best view of your entire portfolio.
  2. The Schedule E report can help you include mileage and prorate portfolio expenses across your properties. 
6) Reach out to us if you have questions!
  1. We want to help! We're happy to answer questions or even do a guided on-boarding.
  2. Email us at or through the 'Get Help' menu item in the bottom left. 

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