REI Hub Support- Booking imported transactions

Booking an imported transaction

After you have linked a bank account to REI Hub, or uploaded transactions from Excel, you are able to view a feed of your imported transactions.  The act of 'booking' a transaction means that you are categorizing and adding that transaction to your official records- your books.  Until an imported transaction has been booked, it will not impact your reports or dashboards. After it has been booked, it can be found and edited in the Booked Transactions page. 

Booking imported transactions is one of the most common actions taken in accounting software.  

To add an imported transaction to your books

1) Navigate to the Import Feed page

3) Click the Book button next to a transaction, and select the appropriate transaction template (expense, mortgage payment, etc)

  1. Different transaction type options display based on what account it originated from and whether it is money coming in or money going out.  Above, see the standard transaction type options for money out.  Below, for money in.

4) Complete the missing fields

  1. Select the Property that the transaction should be applied to.  
    1. If it is a multi-unit property, a Unit selector will appear.  If the expense applies only to the entire property, but not a specific unit, leave the unit field blank.
    1. If it is a Portfolio level transaction (such as an overhead expense), you may leave the Property field blank.  All transactions not booked to a specific property can be seen on the Net Income by Property report.
  1. Select the appropriate Expense or Revenue Account.  Additional accounts can be created from the Chart of Accounts page.
  2. Vendor Tracking is optional.
4) Add a receipt image or file to the transaction (optional)

  1. Linking a receipt to your transaction is a great way to simplify your record keeping and organization!  We'll maintain an electronic copy for you.
  1. You can upload an existing file or image from local storage or import it via web address if it is being hosted online elsewhere
  1. You can also take a picture of your receipt directly through REI Hub- either through your phone or through your computer webcam!  Your browser may ask for permission to access the camera.
5) Click Save Transaction.  View your new transaction in the Booked Transactions tab.
  1. Booked Transactions can be edited or deleted by clicking on the pencil icon next to the Description.  If you have booked a transaction from the Import Feed, and then delete it from the Booked Transactions page, it will reappear in the Import Feed.
6) To view a subset of imported transactions, click Filter

  1. You can filter transactions by their status, the account, and date.

7) Contact us with any questions or for support!  
  1. You can submit a help ticket from the knowledge base, contact us through the product website, or email us at  We will be happy to assist you!

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