Booking a manual transaction

Booking a manual transaction

You may want to add a transaction manually if you choose not to link your bank accounts, or if the transaction involves an account not typically used for your real estate business.

To book a transaction manually

1) Click on Add Transaction

  1. The Add Transaction button is present on your Portfolio Dashboard, any individual property dashboard, and on the Booked Transactions Page.
2) Select your desired Transaction Type

  1. REI Hub provides a wide range of transaction types to simplify your day to day bookkeeping.
  2. The most commonly used transaction types are Revenue, Expense, and Mortgage Payment.
  3. Contact us with questions about any transaction type, or for help on which one to use for a particular transaction! 
3) Fill out the required fields for your chosen transaction type

  1. The required fields will change based on the transaction type shown.  The Expense transaction type is shown above.
  2. Please note that not all fields are required. Vendor, Description, and a file attachment are not required. 
    4) Optionally add a receipt image or file to the transaction

    1. Linking a receipt to your transaction is a great way to simplify your record keeping and organization!  We'll maintain an electronic copy for you.
    2. You can also take a picture of your receipt directly through REI Hub- either through your phone or through your computer webcam!  Your browser may ask for permission to access the camera.
    5) Click Save to add this transaction to your books!  View your new transaction in the Booked Transactions tab.

    6) Contact us with any questions! 

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