Adding a Manual Account

Adding a Manual Account

A Manual Account is simply a bank, loan, or credit card account in REI Hub that is not electronically linked to the financial institution for transaction import.  To set up an account that IS linked for transaction import- click here.

Adding checking, savings, and credit card accounts- whether they are set up as Manual or Linked- allows you to see how funds flow through your rental business.  If you choose not to set up a bank account, you can still book transactions to the default Owner Funds Account.  

To add a Manual Account:

1)  Navigate to the Banking page.  You can access it from the left hand menu:

2)  Click the 'Add Account' Button and select Manual Account

3)  Select the Account Type

4) Give the Account a name

5) Optionally assign a default Property 

  1. Only select a Property here if the account is ONLY used for the one Property!  Leave this blank for accounts that are associated with multiple properties. 
6) Save your new account.  View it on the Banking Page

7) Optionally Upload Transactions from Excel
  1. Click here to see how to upload transactions from Excel to a Manual or Linked Bank Account! 
8) Contact us with any questions or for support!  
  1. You can submit a help ticket from the knowledge base, contact us through the product website, or email us at  

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