Uploading transactions from bank exports

REI Hub offers three different ways to add transactions.  You can link an account to have transactions imported automatically, you can add transactions manually one by one, or you can upload transactions downloaded from your bank or credit card- which this article focuses on. 

You may wish to do a bulk upload of transactions for a few reasons.  Perhaps we are not able to connect to your bank account for automatic import, or maybe you want older transactions that the automatic import can't get.  Regardless, uploaded transactions will flow into the Import Feed for quick booking with much less manual data entry.
Almost all financial institutions will allow you to export a transaction history in a file type that REI Hub supports: OFX, QFX, QBO, XLSX, or CSV, giving you the data needed for this process. 

To Upload Transactions

1) Navigate to the Imported Feed and click the Upload button

Access the import feed under the Transactions menu item, or by clicking the 'View All' button from the Banking page.

3) Select the desired account

4) Select the appropriate file type (the same as you selected when downloading from your bank)

  • The .ofx, .qbo, and .qfx file types are preferred. No additional steps will be required to upload these file types.  
  • Using .xlsx or .csv will require downloading a template and copy and pasting your downloaded transactions into that template. 
  • Click 'Next' after selecting the appropriate file type. 

5) Upload the file

  • First, click the button to select the appropriate file from your computer and upload it into REI Hub.
  • After that file has been selected, click Upload Transactions

6) View and Book your new uploaded transactions

  • Any uploaded transactions that match existing Transaction Matching Rules will be automatically booked.
  • For all other transactions, click Book to complete the required information and officially add the transaction to your books!

7) Contact us with any questions!  

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