Troubleshooting Linked Accounts

REI Hub offers the ability to securely connect to many banks and financial institution via one our integrated data providers, Plaid and Yodlee. Accounts linked through these providers automatically receive a feed of imported transactions once they post at your bank. This core feature reduces manual data entry and helps ensure that you have booked all transactions relevant to your rental business. Recently settled transactions are imported daily, usually overnight.

However, sometimes the connection between REI Hub and your bank accounts can be interrupted. This can happen for a few different reasons. For example, security settings can force re-authentication intermittently, or updates to the technology used by your financial institution or the data providers can temporarily pause the connection.
In most situations a refresh button will automatically appear, and refreshing your connection is enough to fix the issues. If no refresh is available or if this option fails to resolve the problem, please reach out to us so we can help troubleshoot further!

To refresh the connection on your Linked Account:

1) Navigate to the Banking page

  • It is under Accounts on the left side menu.

2) Look under 'Balance' for the Last Verified date to determine account status

  • If the Last Verified date is current (within the last two days), then your account does not need to be refreshed.
  • If our data providers detect an error in the connection, REI Hub will automatically display a with the refresh button:

  • If no error is detected, the notification and button will not display.

3) If present, click the 'Refresh the connection' button

  • You will be redirected to the data provider's servers to re-enter your log-in credentials and re-authenticate the account.
  • If successful, your connection will be refreshed. Recent transactions will be imported and the 'last verified' date should now display as current - sometimes this process can take up to 24 hours to complete.

4) If you see a 'disconnected' notification:

  • This indicates that the connection with Plaid has been lost and is unrecoverable. Accounts or connections with this notice are not able to be refreshed. This can happen for a few reasons, such as online banking updates, account or institution security settings, and unanticipated errors.
  • To re-link the account(s), you must re-add as new linked accounts, and then merge the old account and new account together. The REI Hub support team is happy to assist with the merging process.

To re-add the accounts, please see below. You are also welcome to call the REI Hub support team during business hours at 888-939-6865 to have us guide you through the process.

First, please go to the Banking page, and click Add Account in the upper right:

  1. Select Import a Linked Account
  2. Set the Transaction Import Start Date to be the day of or day after the Last Verified date. This is very important to prevent duplicate transactions!
  3. Select Plaid as the data provider and click Start Import
  4. Select 'Add additional accounts through a new institution or connection'
  5. Follow the prompts to find your bank and input your credentials.
  6. Select ALL of your accounts that you want linked and import to REI Hub.

This should result in a new version(s) of your bank account. If you are not able to establish a new successful connection, please reach out to REI Hub support so that we can help investigate further.

Next, we will merge the old version(s) of the account (with its existing transactions) into the new version of the account (with its active connections).

The REI Hub team is happy to merge accounts on your behalf - just let us know at or call us at 888-939-6865. Or feel free to follow the below process to do it yourself.

To merge the accounts:

  1. From the Banking page, click the edit pencil next to the name of the old account - the one with the inactive connection.
  2. Click the 'Merge' button in the bottom right. This will pop up a message notifying you how many transactions will be modified, and asking you to select what account to merge the transactions into.
  3. Select the newly imported version of the same account.
  4. If there are unbooked imported transactions in the older account, check the box to 'Also transfer unbooked imported transactions'
  5. Click 'Merge and Delete Account' and confirm.

This consolidates the old and new versions of the accounts. From the banking page, you should now only see the one version. Repeat as necessary for any other accounts.

5) If you do not see any notification, but your last verified balance date is 3+ days in the past:

This typically indicates that the connection to the data provider is still active and in good standing, but that something has delayed or impacted the flow of information from your financial institution to the data provider. No option to refresh is provided because the data provider has no fresh transaction data to pass at that time. Frequently, the data provider and financial institution will restore transaction data flow on their own without user action required.

You are still welcome to reach out to the support team and we can see if any more information is available about the issue.

Please reach out to the REI Hub support team with any questions or for assistance!

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