Using the Bookkeeping Close Date

The REI Hub system includes the option to set a bookkeeping close date. This will block journal entries (transactions) from being made before the selected date. This feature is designed to help prevent accidental or inadvertent changes after you have completed your bookkeeping for a specific period.

The two most common use cases are after you have completed bookkeeping for a calendar year or after you have reconciled all your accounts through a certain date. The bookkeeping close date can be updated as often as desired. Setting a bookkeeping close date is not a requirement and has no impact on your reporting.

If you need to enter or update a transaction that is before the set bookkeeping close date, you will first need to remove or update the bookkeeping close date.

To set or update your bookkeeping close date:

1) Navigate to the Portfolio Settings page

Click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner to reveal the right-side menu:

Next, click on Portfolio Settings:

2) Update the field to your desired date and click 'Update Settings.'

Please reach out to the REI Hub team with any questions!

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