About the Owner Statement Report

If you are using REI Hub to keep the books for properties you manage but do not own, you can use the Owner Statement to communicate property performance and activity to the property owner.

For more information on setting up your REI Hub portfolio for use as a third-party property manager, please check out our resource on Using REI Hub as a Property Manager. All revenues and expenses that are attributable to a property should be tagged to the appropriate property and will automatically flow up to the associated owner sub-portfolio.

The Net Income section of the owner statement reports the revenues and expenses from the selected time period. The Owner Funds section includes the starting balance of owner funds (the balance of client funds you are holding), net income for the period (same total as the first section), the total net distributions (your payout to the owner), and the ending balance for owner funds.

If the owner also desires a property-by-property breakdown, you can supplement the owner statement with the Net Income by Property report, filtered to the appropriate owner's sub-portfolio. This will provide property-by-property income and expenses, but it does not include distributions or owner funds balances.

To run the Owner Statement Report:

1) Navigate to the Reports page and select Owner Statement

    1. Find it in the Income box:
    2. Select the appropriate report scope and date range

    3. For the report scope, select the appropriate sub-portfolio of the owner you are reporting to. This aggregates the data from all of that owner's properties.

      View and Export the Owner Statement

    4. The Owner Statement automatically exports into Excel. If you prefer a PDF report, you can generate one from the Excel file. Open it up and either:
      1. Click File and select Save As. After you select the destination to save the file, you can choose the 'file type' to save to. Select PDF from the dropdown list.
      2. Click File and select Print. Under the printer options, select 'Save to PDF.'

2) Reach out to us with any questions!

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